Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions (the “Agreement”) describe what you are legally entitled to expect from us when you acquire our services. The terms “we”, “our” and “us” refer to Bag Packerz Tour & Travels. The terms “you” and “your” refers to the customers. These terms and conditions are applicable for all clients of Bag Packerz Tour & Travels, and affiliated companies.

Booking Confirmation
Deposit of 40% will bind us for the services whereas remaining 60% of the services fee will be paid at the commencement of the tour.

Client Responsibility

Upon booking you confirm that you have studied and familiarized yourself with the terms and conditions and are fully agreed. You also confirm to follow instructions and partake in all planned activities. In case of any ambiguity please contact our office.
Children (under 18 years) are not allowed for solo tour. Guardians take responsibility of damages caused by tourists.

Our Liability
Bag Packerz Tour & Travels is not responsible for any losses, and in particular for the consequences of flight cancellations, bad weather, vehicle accidents, strikes, sickness, political insurgencies or unforeseen circumstances. By confirming your booking with Bag Packerz, you acknowledge that we have taken all reasonable steps to safeguard our liability in this respect.

Cancellation Policy
The advance deposit for all bookings of tours and hotel reservations is non-refundable. It covers our cost of cancelling your reservations including reservations with third parties and payment processing fees. Additionally, the number of days the tour is initially booked for cannot be decreased, however, may be extended. The cancellation fee does not apply if BAG PACKERZ Tour & Travels cancels the booking. Cancellation requests must be made in writing (email or letter).

Changes and Cancellations by BAG PACKERZ

Before you enter into a contract with us, we reserve the right to change any of the facilities or listed services. We also reserve the right to cancel the booking due to weather and/or other conditions. Change in departure time will be informed as soon as reasonably possible before your tour begins. In case of major change you will have the choice of accepting the change of arrangements or purchasing another available tours.

Change Fees

It is recommended that the itinerary once finalized not be changed as to avoid delays and complications. However, if a client requests a change of itinerary for a confirmed booking, Bag Packerz Tour & Travels will apply change fees. The number of tour days initially booked may be extended by the client and will be charged by Bag Packerz accordingly.

General Terms

All Participants will be handed over an “undertaking form” at the start of the tour.
Keeping original CNIC is mandatory to avoid any inconvenience.
Only Small/Medium sized suit case/trolleys are allowed & everybody is responsible and have to carry its own luggage.
Member are requested to report 30 mints before the advised departure time.
Company is not responsible for any injury or road accident.
Smoking in the vehicle is prohibited.
Carrying any kind of weapons are not permitted.
Decision of event coordinator is final.
Company will not be responsible for any changes in itinerary beyond control.
Company reserves the right to assign/shuffle seats during the travel.
Event photos/videos are company’s property, to be used for advertisement.
Disciplinary violations can cause dismissal.
Organizers are not responsible for damage, theft or loss.
Air conditioning will be suspended while ascending to avoid overheating of vehicles.
Members are advised to respect local culture and avoid throwing Garbage (tins, Water bottles, wrappers etc.).
Use of drugs is strictly condemned, culprit will be disowned with immediate effect and will not be eligible for any kind of refund.
Company ensures safety measures but not responsible for unforeseen natural disasters like landslide, floods or any other accidents.
In case of emergency, customers will pay extra charges for additional services. (Minimum 4500 per day per person)